kthxbye.com faq
What does "kthxbye" mean?
"kthxbye" is a slang term formed from the phrase "Okay. Thank-you. Good-bye.", part of the jargon-filled shorthand commonly used in online chat and on message boards by devotees of online games. While it can be a cheerful salutation, it's generally used sarcastically as a condescending and dismissive insult ("Thank-you for your useless contribution to this discussion, now please go away").
Trivia: the earliest occurrence of the word in Google's Usenet archive is from February 1998.
Why did you register the domain kthxbye.com?
It seemed thematically appropriate. More importantly, it happened to be available.
Does this site actually have a purpose?
It's the online home of a private, Internet-based discussion group. None of it is open to the general public.
What's it about?
Can I join?
Isn't this site just an utter waste of space?
We don't think so.  We don't care what you think.  kthxbye.
Who is in charge here?
I am.
Will you give me kthxbye.com so I can host my hilarious satirical web site at that address?
Is kthxbye.com for sale?
Someone told me their e-mail address was something@kthxbye.com.
They were probably lying (as of 2005 a small number of kthxbye.com addresses has been given out, all to hot chicks, and you can't have one).
Someone told me this was their home page/web site.
They were lying.
Can I have a something@kthxbye.com e-mail address?
Will you host my home page/web site?
Are you spammers?
No. If you got e-mail - spam or not - from anyone whose return address ended in @kthxbye, then it was faked. We don't sell anything and we don't send spam, but we have no way of stopping other people from fraudulently putting our domain name in their e-mail.
Didn't this used to be one of those "register a username and then try and trick people into clicking on a URL to increment your score" sites?
That was kkthxbye.com and nothing to do with us.
What's that picture on the home page?
It's a screen capture from the online computer game Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire DividedTM, depicting the Great Pit of CarkoonTM in which resides the almighty SarlaccTM.
Why is that picture on your home page?
Think about it.